Z’ Big Fireplace Makeover!

Our home is a century old, and one of the things that I immediately fell in love with was the fact that it had a fireplace! I LOVE fireplaces, and I felt really grateful to have a working one, because most of the fireplaces in older Los Angeles homes are no longer operational for one [...]

“The Wall”

Perhaps its was all the wall talk from a certain orange-faced politician that was responsible for even getting "the wall" on my radar.  But once it was, it was all I could look at!  The backyard wasn't a yard at all anymore...just an ugly cinder block wall!  How had I never noticed this before? I [...]

Expect the Unexpected

In honor of the most empowering and humbling day(s) of my life and my son's 6 month birthday I wanted to take a moment to share the story of my 39 hour labor. I recently had a discussion with a fellow mama whose story is very similar to mine. What we really found comfort in [...]

Who’s the Boss?

Tony and I began our journey as parents learning one very important lesson…we are no longer the boss! That’s right. The lil guy is fully in the driver’s seat and we are just passengers now, strapped in to the car seat of life. Our beautiful son, Anderson (“Andy”) was due November 17th, 2016 but waited [...]